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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you tell me what the ingredients are?
    Product Ingredients Listing
  2. What formula would be best for me?
    Everyone's skin changes from day to day and can be either dry, normal or oily depending on a number of factors, but if you tend to have dry skin most of the time or live in a very dry climate, pick Moisturizing formula. If you have normal skin or combination skin, pick the Concealing formula, it also gives you the most coverage of all the formulas. If you live in a humid climate or have very oily skin, pick the Mattifying formula. It absorbs excess oils and it also doesn't budge off on clothing! However, try mixing formulas together for a custom look.
  3. What makes your cream eye colors unique?
    Our seven semi-matte cream eye colors have built in sunscreen protection and an SPF rating of 15. They have a creamy consistency while blending. Yet once dry, they are virtually budge and smudge proof and last all day without touch up. They are better than powder eye shadows for contact wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Powder shadows tend to break apart and fall into the eyes. In addition, they can be used to line the eyes, and are also great for filling in eyebrows.
  4. Is there sun protection in all of your cosmetics?
    All of our foundations, blushes and eye colors contain both microfine titanium dioxide and microfine zinc oxide as "active ingredients". These are recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons as being the two of the best broad spectrum non - chemical, non-degradable sunscreen ingredients available. They stay the same protection factor all day. All of our products have been formally tested and have an SPF rating ranging from SPF 15 through SPF 20 depending on the product.  
  5. Are your products non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic?
    We don't label our products as such because the terms are not recognized by the FDA as having any value. It is simply a beauty buzz word. However, all of our ingredients were selected to be as non-sensitizing as possible and gentle enough to be used even after laser resurfacing. They were all patch tested for skin sensitivity as well.
  6. I cannot use products that contain salicylate or plant extracts. Does your makeup have these ingredients?
    No. We made them without any salicylate or plant extracts, so they are perfect for those of you who need salicylate free products (fibromyalgia) and for those with sensitive skin or allergies. We are also Gluten free
  7. What kind of brushes do you have?
    Our brushes are made by one of the best brush manufacturers in the country. We offer a foundation brush which is made of a super soft shaved nylon and a smaller version of it to apply our cream eye colors or to use for spot concealing. They can be washed with soap and water or shampoo and will last for years. Do not soak the brushes in water or soap solution. This can cause the adhesive that holds the bristles in the ferrule to fail.
  8. Do you accept returns?
    Yes, we have a 30 day money back guarantee policy from date of purchase. If you are not totally satisfied with our products (EXCLUDING closeouts and retail outlets) for any reason, simply request a return on our website thru your order or call our toll-free number (866-999-2033) for a RMA # to receive a refund or exchange (excluding all applicable shipping charges). Products must be returned within the 30 days for credit or exchange. We will deduct actual costs from your refund for return postage if product is returned for delivery errors by the US post office, UPS. If free shipping was provided, then any returns that reduce the order to below the free shipping purchase level will have the cost of shipping deduced from the return. All exchanges are subject to applicable shipping rates equal to a regular order. All returns are subject to management approval.
  9. Do you test your products on animals?
    No. Nor do we use any animal derived ingredients.
  10. How do I know what color to pick?
    Pick the color closest to your skin tone. We offer five shades. Try matching your face color shade to the color of your neck and chest area, for a more "natural" look. If you feel you may be in between shades, you can use another color to mix to create a custom color or use a lighter shade to highlight or a darker shade as a bronzer even!
  11. What if I fall asleep with the products on will that harm my skin?
    All the products are so gentle and safe you can sleep in them.
  12. Why are the blushes the same name as the foundation colors?
    Our matching blushes are made to go with the same color name of foundation, and were designed to complement that shade perfectly. They duplicate the natural blush color you would normally have if you pinched your cheeks! Plus they are SPF 20!
  13. How do I choose eye shadow colors?
    Blue Eyes look best in colors that make the blue stand out such as the Latte for your highlighter and the Mocha Cinnamon color for the crease.
    Hazel/Green Eyes look great in Mocha Cinnamon or Cafe Mocha in the crease. Latte would make a great highlighter.
    Brown Eyes look great with anything especially the dark Espresso as liner and the soft Latte as the highlight color and Cafe Americano blended into the crease.
  14. Do I need a special eye shadow base before I put them on?
    No, in fact if you have normal to oily eyelids you can just brush the colors on directly to the skin and they will not crease or move all day. On the other hand, we recommend that people with normal to dry eyelids use a touch of the Concealing foundation on the lids before applying the eye colors to help them blend on easy without drying too fast.
  15. Is the makeup safe for all skin types?
    Yes. We use no sensitizing ingredients so anyone can use it, even those with the most sensitive skin. We omit all oils, dyes, fragrances, artificial dyes, animal derivatives, carmine, mica, bismuth oxychloride, or talc.
  16. Can I use treatment products underneath the foundations?
    Yes. It is perfectly fine to use Retin-A, glycolic acid, vitamin C serums and other treatments under our foundations because our formulas will not cause any interference with their effectiveness.
  17. Do I need to reapply the makeup to keep the SPF the same during the day?
    No. Unlike cosmetics that use chemical sunscreen ingredients that break down and degrade in effectiveness during the day, you don't need to reapply our product to keep the same SPF or same level of UVA protection.
  18. How soon after laser resurfacing can I apply the foundations and which of the three formulas would be best to use?
    It is usually best to wait for the skin to re-epithelize before using the foundation. Your Doctor will tell you just when it is right for you. We suggest the Moisturizing or Concealing formulas for use after laser resurfacing. You may need to use a very occlusive moisturizer beneath them for a few weeks while the skin is still healing. What is important is to keep the moisture in and the sun out at this time.
  19. Is this makeup good to use following microdermabrasion treatments?
    You can wear the Moisturizing or Concealing formulas immediately following any micro-dermabrasion or light peel treatment to decrease inflammation and to cover any redness.
  20. What if I have dry skin but want the matte finish of the Mattifying formula?
    If you have dry skin but still want the finish of your skin to look matte, you can still use the oil absorbing Mattifying formula provided you use a good moisturizer beneath it and use the more moist Moisturizing or Concealing formula in the under eye and eye lid area.
  21. Are the foundations drying to the skin?
    No. Actually the Moisturizing and Concealing formulas attract moisture from the air to the skin all day long. Only the Mattifying formula was made to absorb excess oil and may be drying to those who have already dry skin if they use it without pre moisturizing.
  22. Can I use the blush colors on my eyelids?
    Yes you can. They make a very pretty base to use before blending our neutral eye colors over them especially the Alabaster and Porcelain blush colors. Some women even use the darker blushes as lip color!
  23. What cleanser should I use?
    Dermatologist recommended products such as Dove, Basis, Neutrogena or Purpose cleansing products work well.
  24. Can men use your products?
    Yes in fact many men like the fact that the sunscreen in our products doesn't run into their eyes or sting and it protects them from photo aging and skin cancer. Actors and people who are in film or work in the media like our products for the way they stay on and perform under hot lights or in the outdoors without looking cakey or like makeup.
  25. Will your foundation change colors on me during the day?
    Our foundation colors are made of pure intense pigments called "iron oxides". We don't use artificial dyes or Carmine to color any of our products. The iron oxide pigments we use to make our colors stay the same all day without changing or fading.
  26. Will I need to touch up with powders or concealers?
    There is no need to touch up unless you briskly wipe your skin with a cloth or rub hard and remove some of the product from the skin. The Moisturizing and the Concealing formulas will stay on if you don't rub them off, but the Mattifying formula will not move, budge or come off even if you rub it with a towel all day until you use a cleanser to remove it. It is the perfect formula to choose if you don't want anything to come off at all no matter what. A translucent Powder can be used over the Moisturizing and the Concealing formulas if desired but the Mattifying formula is so ultra-matte that powder isn't needed at all. You can even use the Mattifying in place of powder right over the top of the other formulas to mattify them if you desire.
  27. Why is the Foundation tube not full?
    All foundation tubes must have an air space so that the seal is not compromised with any material near it during the filling/sealing process.  The tubes have the capacity for 20ml but are filled with exactly 15ml.
  28. Do the Products have an expiration date?
    The products exceed the FDA 3 year stability test & therefore are not required to have an expiration date. The numbers on the tubes are manufacturing codes that identify raw material and production info. They are not expiration dates.