Testimonials - Archive 2000-2005


Beauty “chat boards” and letters are pouring in coining the phrase “Holy Grail” to describe the reaction to the foundations and eye colors by Illuminaré Cosmetics. This is only the beginning of what is to come! The following testimonials are just a fraction of the emails flooding into us from around the world.

  • Holy Toledo!!! This is the best stuff ever!! I went from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. without needing to touch up once! Truly amazing! I just got so many compliments! -- Shannon Gaverick
  • I am hooked! I have tried practically every foundation known to man, and yours it by far the best! Thank you for making it! -- Peggy Bergstrom
  • Move over Lancome! -- G.M. California
  • I'm overwhelmed by the quality! The texture is PERFECT! The finish is DIVINE! -- O. Kerde
  • …so good that I had it shipped all the way to Europe where I live. -- Anne Marie Sachs
  • Illuminaré is by far the most fantastic stuff I have ever slapped on my face! It lasted all day through horrible Maryland humidity, I even mowed the lawn in it… my skin is so happy! -- Maggie Zackwitz
  • …my co-workers commented on my skin all day. -- Jennifer
  • My face perspires pretty heavily at times. The Illuminaré never budged, never got splotchy or cakey looking. -- Barb
  • Wow! At 56 years old, I need all the help I can get. …covers broken capillaries without looking caked on, and doesn’t emphasize lines or pores. -- Bev Mahoney
  • …your product is simply FANTASTIC! I used to wear Chantecaille’s Future Skin and swore nothing could live up to this stuff, then YOU came along….and Ruthie, you blow them out of the water! -- Dee Ruvolo
  • I had stopped wearing foundation about 3 years ago, and I didn't believe and product could be THAT great. I was wrong. Thanks for such an incredible product! -- Audriana Ocean
  • I don't often write to a company about their cosmetics, but I had to write and thank you as I believe you offer the most beautiful foundation that I have ever tried. My husband gave me two compliments about “how lovely” I looked in the last two days. -- Deb Leopold
  • I have long been on the search for the perfect foundation, for my less than perfect skin, and am pleased to say that I think I might have found THE ONE!!! -- Angela Bradley, United Kingdom
  • I have to tell you that, after many decades of experimentation with foundation products (all of which were unsatisfactory--at best), I am thrilled to discover your liquid mineral make-up! I have dry skin, and HATE to wear make-up--or at least, I did until I found this! The product is surpassed only by your excellent customer service. -- T.D. Winston Salem, NC
  • I love the way it looks on my skin andI get lots of compliments on how good my skin looks. No one says I love the makeup because they think it is my skin. -- C.B
  • Overall, I think your foundation is the biggest breakthrough in the makeup industry in the past 10 years--I am speaking as a makeup foundation fanatic who has tried every possible foundation in the market and am still pleasantly surprised by the superiority of your foundation over others. Thank you for giving my youth back! -- L.S. Sacramento, CA
  • ...fabulous...I adore them...no more blotting and the coverage is amazing...thank you a million times!! -- A.L. Palisades Park, NJ
  • I believe art is an expression of your inner self - too many women want their inner beauty to show through and not be masked – your makeup offers this -- E.D. Boise, ID
  • I used the product on a recent trip to Israel this summer. Temperatures reached well over 100 degrees, and the SPF 21 protection prevented me from getting sunburned. -- R.L. Charleston, SC
  • It covers red areas, evens everything out, and doesn't emphasize wrinkles, and DOESN'T IRRITATE MY FACE. -- M.N. Chicago, IL
  • My skin is glowing and pretty, with a natural looking finish. I'm not sure why it is happening, but my complexion actually looks better now, after using your foundation. ..... I look forward to putting my makeup on in the mornings because I love seeing the transformation! -- J.S. Waco, TX
  • I have extremely oily and poress skin and have searched for years for the right product. Your Ultimate is the ultimate. -- L.D. West Milford, NJ
  • Thank you for your products, use them to cover up Vitiligo - allowing me to wear t-shirts for the first time in years -- J.P. Halifax, MA
  • The Extra Coverage makes my skin look smoother. And you use so little. -- A.R. Mill Valley, CA
  • I think your Ultimate foundation is aptly named; it is truly unique in the cosmetics world! ....Your stuff is indeed my Holy Grail, .... but now I will absolutely not be without it. I have never had a makeup last long without getting orange or cakey, but yours does the trick in spades! I even had a woman at the mall cosmetics counter compliment me on my skin (NOT my makeup) that is definitely a first! -- S.D. Harpswell, ME
  • I am eternally indebted to you for creating this make-up line. .... I have tried numerous foundations and this is the only one I have found that has adequate sunscreen coverage, stays put all day, and covers beautifully while looking natural. I love that the eye colors also contain sunscreen because that was one area I did not feel comfortable applying sunscreen and now I can protect it too. .... You are a genius in my book and I am letting everyone know about your products because I think they are truly amazing - and believe me I have tried almost everything. Many thanks, -- K.B. Santa Fe, NM
  • I wanted to let you know how much I like your eyeshadow. I have psoriasis and have never been able to wear eyeshadow without my skin breaking out. Yours is the first I've been able to wear without a problem. I also like how it goes on so smoothly and doesn't fade or crease. Great product! -- Y.C. Sacramento, CA
  • Wow! One might think looking through your website and products that it's a little hokey; a little too good to be true! But it's not. It's good -no, it's GREAT- and it IS true! Your products are so amazing. I thank you so much for providing women with what they really need (and for providing them with a decent price!) If I could only bring one makeup item with me on a desert island, it would be my treasured Illuminaré foundation! Please continue to do what you do! Thank you, thank you, thank you! -- R.A. Escondido, CA
  • My husband is not a person that really cares for face make up on me. The day that I received the samples, I experimented with application, etc. When my husband came home, he walked in and said, "Honey, your skin looks so good without make up." He told me that I didn't need make up because my skin looked so good. I was thrilled. I knew right away that I found the "right" make up. He was astounded when he realized that I actually did have foundation and blush on my face.
    I assure you....this is a "secret" that I can not keep to myself. My friends and family will come to know about Illuminaré cosmetics. -- S. from New York State
  • .... I am the Mom of five (4 boys 1 girl) ages 21 to 8, have my hands full, finding make-up which outlasts the day is wonderful. I found even at my age a young 46 the final effect is flawless and natural. -- J.S. Plymouth, UK
  • I just want to say how much I love love love the foundation,,, and thank you for making such an excellent product. If you only knew how much makeup I've purchased throughout the years,,, well...lets just say that I could open up my own cosmetic store! I purchased your sponge for applying the foundation,,, and its wonderful. .... thanks so much for such a wonderful product,, that has outperformed any other that I've ever used. It’s really a Godsend for people like me that have such sensitive skin. -- C.G. Grand Haven, MI
  • I am really excited about your makeup and intend to let all my friends and family know about this great product. I went to three holiday parties in the last week and one of them was even an outdoor party. I can honestly say for the first time my makeup looked just as good at the end of the parties as it did when I got there hours before. I have previously tried the powder mineral makeup advertised on TV and was pleased, but my face always felt so dry and it didn't have the coverage your product does either. Your website advertising was true - no streaks and lasting color all day long. Thanks for your products. I will be a faithful, long time customer. -- M.B. Folly Beach, SC
  • I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with your mineral foundation. I am a self admitted make up junky, so I have tried nearly everything out there. I have tried products that promise the world only to be let down time and time again. Your foundation is everything you said it would be! .... Although the foundation covers all the bad, I see my skin glowing through, feeling healthy and radiant. I have used the powdered minerals and quite honestly, loved them but they dried my skin so badly, it took months to get it really moisturized again. Yours has no drying effect and it really does last all day! I can't say that about any other "long lasting" product I have tried.
    Kudos to you, Ruthie! Wonderful customer service and a superior product!!! Thanks a million! -- L.C. Nashua, NH
  • I am writing this to let you know how your products have changed the way I feel about myself. ... and I have never felt so good about my skin or received so many compliments! .... Ilike many women have tried so many foundations, ... only to be let down by their claims. Thankfully, I decided to try one more product (Illuminaré), and finally, my search for the perfect foundation ended! ... it actually makes me look younger because it does not sink into my lines! .... Thank god, I found your products. I can finally go out with the confidence I had long ago. Thank you Illuminaré! -- T.B. Parkers Lake, KY
  • I love, love, love your foundation!!!! My acne prone, sensitive, oily combo skin thanks you!!! -- K.H. Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
  • Your product was mentioned on an internet site by a hollywood make-up artist as a line that had good yellow based foundations that did not turn orange an hour after applications. After purchasing samples in two shades I settled on one and tried it for a week. Yes, one pillow pack gave me enough applications for one week. Twice in that week, my husband said to me "your face looks pretty today". -- D.E. Tampa, FL
  • I'm telling all my girlfriends and even the drive-through bank teller who (seriously, I'm not kidding) asked me what foundation I use just yesterday. She had my ID and couldn't believe that I am as old as I am. -- C.W. Atlanta, GA
  • Wonderful! It's the only makeup I've used consistently for a couple of years now, this is my third purchase. Doesn't break me out, and also lasts forever - good value! -- N.C. Lakewood, OH
  • I have rosacea, and very oily skin. This has been THE BEST foundation ever! People thought I "had work done". I covered all the discolorations which can cause someone to look older. -- T.S. Rockville Centre, NY

  • I LOVE your coverup! I have spent hundreds of dollars on trying to find the best makeup to cover my imperfections and this is it. The extra coverage concealer is the best concealer on the market. I will forever be a customer!!! -- D.V. Charlestown, MA

  • I to have tried many brands and this is the first that truly solves all my problems. I am 64 years old and using the Fantastic Finish, works beautifully! Thanks! -- D.B. Texas

  • I wanted to let you how thrilled I am with your products! ... I have purchased literally dozens of brands of foundation in my lifetime, ranging from the cheap drugstore brands to expensive department store brands. Nothing has ever come close to Illuminaré. I put the makeup on every morning at 7 a.m. and twelve hours later, it does not need to be retouched or powdered. ... I also love the way in never turns orangey and does not crease like other foundations. The first day I wore it, my mother and sister asked me what I had done to my skin to make it look so perfect! They said that my face looked "airbrushed" and flawless! ... Be assured that I will remain a loyal customer and will recommend your line of products to everyone! -- K.C. Kansas City, MO
  • I absolutely adore your foundation products. They're the truly skincare makeup which I've been seeking for ages. I've got a very troublesome complexion which is dehydrating yet oily and has breakout each time when I apply make-up. Your foundations are the only ones that didn't cause any blemishes or acnes at all. In fact, my skin has never been so stable since I started using Illuminaré. Thanks again for the lovely products. Please make sure you never discontinue them as I don't know what to do without them!! - C.C. Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Hello, just wanted to let you know this makeup is really the best... it just makes you look like you have perfect skin... i've used the powder minerals but i never really thought that they covered all that well ...and i never got any compliments with it..but my fiancee told me the other day that my skin was glowing. I bet if more women knew about this makeup you wouldn't be able to keep up with the orders. Thank you - M.K Woonsocket, RI
  • I am 43 years old and have been searching for the "perfect" foundation...I believe I have finally found it! Your extra coverage foundation is truly amazing! M.O., Bruce, MS
  • Your foundation is genius. Your service - the best. Thank you - over and over! - C.T. Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • At 54, I always wore the most expensive line, such as Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, but your foundation is the ultimate for a natural, flawless complexion, and my skin is not flawless. Thanks for such a wonderful product!! - J.P. Lynn, MA
  • I'm an Esthetician and Make-up Artist and a foundation junkie. Most of them i've been dissatisfied with. This is by far the best foundation i've ever used. I'm in love! - T.S. Saint charles, IL
  • This is the best foundation product I have ever used. Pros - The Best!!!!You can purchase samples to try the colors and types of foundations. They are easy to mix for a perfect foundation made "just for you". Your skin feels wonderful - it is easy to apply - I am getting a lot of compliments. I tried the powdered form of mineral foundation and found it did not cover as well and was extremely "messy". The coverage this gives and the appearance on the skin is fantastic. Cons - NONE. I would highly recommend it. The instructions on the web are great, as well as the instructions you receive when you get the merchandise. - B.V. West Palm Beach, FL
  • I have tried EVERYTHING possible to cover my dark undereye circles AND birthmark, and nothing has done nearly as good a job as Illuminaré...it's absolutely wonderful and the coverage really does last all day, without giving me a "fake" look! I ride behind my husband on his Harley for hours in the Texas sun and STILL look great! I don't even have to powder my nose --this make up is so awesome! Thanks Illuminaré, keep up the amazing work! - D.G. Harlingen, Tx
  • I absolutely love this make up. I have no idea what I would have done if I had never found! I had the worst acne and this product helped me cover it so well. Now my skin is better and I still use it! I'm so thankful I found something so great! - J.W.
  • I just want you to know that I love your products and I'm probably hooked on them for life. I just received a "free shipping" order that was speedily delivered by Fed EX. Now, who else but you people would do that? Other "free shipping" offers I have had from other companies have come via mule train. I compliment you on both your fine products and your excellent customer service. Thanks. - C.E. Lakemont, GA
  • Obviously, I am in good company for I, too, have never encountered products as extraordinary and transformative as your cosmetics. Your entire line is totally perfect in color compatibility, texture, coverage, and staying power. I have tried nearly every foundation and blush out there and none come even remotely close to Illuminaré. You are my cosmetic company for life!!!! I now have bathroom drawers full of useless cosmetics because I never want to use anything else other than this line. Keep doing what you're doing. If you make it, I'll buy it. Your products are magnificent.
    (And I don't write love letters to a makeup company - you are the first and the last.) - P.F. Albany, NY
  • The fact that you offer product samples prior to the consumer making a decision/order is fabulous! So many times a foundation shade isn't what you thought it was, due to the lack of natural light. My skin looks flawless and as my "personal summers" come and go, the makeup stays in place and looks fresh throughout. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available. It's awesome! - L.G. Charlotte, NC
  • I have to admit that I am a lazy makeup person...I put it on once in the AM and refuse to do touchups. I've been using your Ultimate All day foundation for two years now, and LOVE the fact that it truly lasts, and lasts, and lasts! I've applied it in the morning and found that after a nine hour day of work and an hour of serious cardio at the gym, I still had great coverage on my face and no makeup on my perspiration towel! I don't know of any other product that can compete with that! - E.Y. St. Petersburg, FL
  • Your makeup has become the standard against which I judge all other makeup products. I have Armani, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder, and Vincent Longo make-up on my shelf that I purchased before trying your outstanding product. I thought each was wonderful when I used them. Then, I saw you on HSN a couple of years ago, and the love affair with your make-up began. I'm almost 60 years old, and it is only within the past couple of years that people have repeatedly commented on what beautiful skin I have. Thank you ever so much for providing me with a foundation that boosts my self-esteem and confidence in a world of youth-worshippers! - C.P. Chula Vista, CA

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