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The Story behind Illuminaré

My name is Ruthie Molloy, and I am the founder and inventor of the world`s first line of liquid mineral makeup. As an Esthetician and former Physical Therapist, my background has provided a solid base of knowledge from which I drew on when developing what I consider to be one of the best mineral makeup products on the market. Our foundations come in three formulas and are not only the best makeup foundations made of pure natural mineral pigments, but also the best concealers you will ever find.

In 1998, I began working with post-laser resurfacing patients who were referred to me from the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Sacramento for makeovers using powder mineral makeup. I knew that I had to use very gentle makeup on these women, and at the time, powder mineral makeup was the only mineral cosmetics I could find. The women on whom I first worked were the ones who gave me the idea of inventing this new liquid mineral foundation and creating this new line. They all wanted a liquid mineral makeup, and yes, they would continue to use mineral face powder if they felt the need, but they absolutely insisted that I make a liquid mineral makeup so they could have the benefits of the minerals' superior sun protection and the beauty of skin plumping and hydrating ingredients all in one. I also incorporated special patented ingredients that proved to make the skin appear years younger on contact and which boost the protective SPF value even higher than most mineral makeup you can find today.

So, with a passion for creating something new, and with my intention to make a product line that would protect women from the sun`s damaging effects, Illuminare Cosmetics was born. It is important that we educate people about skin cancer and provide cosmetic products that are safe, non toxic, effective and protective. Although organic mineral makeup is available today, all minerals are inorganic by nature and do not spoil or encourage bacterial growth. We purposely do not use organic plant ingredients or plant extracts, only because we feel that some might be allergic to them. Our focus is on reliable and tested sun protection, great looking finishes and the high performance of our line.

The fact is that if you rely only on dusting on a little mineral powder, you are not going to get enough sun protection. But when I made this line, I made sure we did all the FDA regulation testing for SPF, Skin Sensitivity, Water Resistance, Photo Toxicity, and more. We passed all the tests with flying colors, so we could ensure that you would be getting really healthy, high performance sun protection built into each of the products we make.

I believe strongly in health and wellness, and with my background and education in the health and beauty industry, I am proud to say that we've chosen to be a great company -- rather than a large company. I hope you will enjoy the products.

Thank you,

Ruthie Molloy