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Brooke Burke - Fitness Magazine (Jan 2012)

"a miracle concealer that will hide even the worst blemishes and scars (Illuminaré)"



Beauty “chat boards” and letters are pouring in coining the phrase “Holy Grail” to describe the reaction to the foundations and eye colors by Illuminaré Cosmetics. This is only the beginning of what is to come! The following testimonials are just a fraction of the emails flooding into us from around the world.


  • I am an insurance broker in Chicago and this my true story.... I was reading the ads located in the of my Allure Magazine and I came across Illuminaré Foundation. It happened that I was looking for a mineral foundation but NOT in a powder form. That was the only option back then. When I read that Illuminaré was a high quality mineral foundation in a "LIQUID FORM" that provided outstanding coverage, I thought what do I have to lose... I needed a new foundation bad...They had 3 different foundation types for your skin needs (specifically for mine- oily skin and icky dark spots to hide). Plus, I'm a sucker for giving independent manufactures a shot... I am honestly proud to write that I have been using Illiumiare for over 8 YEARS now. All my friends cannot believe my dedication to this product line. I've tried other sample foundations from my esthetician but nothing compares to Illuminaré. I've made this effort to write this feedback because I truly believe in this foundation and hope it NEVER GOES AWAY. I hope that you give this product line a chance. IT WILL BE THE LAST FOUNDATION YOU EVER BUY!!!! ENJOY!!!! Cheers.  Elizabeth Meyers - IL 
  • I am 53 years old and still have breakouts and trouble finding the right color foundation. I was recently in California for a wedding and went to Total Beauty Experience. I was looking for gifts for the bride and saw the make up counter which had smashbox and knew that was a good brand. I told the gentleman behind the counter my issues and he recommended your product and I've been using it ever since and it's the BEST foundation I've ever used. I even use the moisturizing foundation and my skin is clearer now than it's been in years. I absolutely LOVE it. I rarely make product comments, but I was so impressed with your product I wanted to let you know.
    D.C. - IN 
  • I think this is the BEST makeup in the world, I look like someone else when I am finished putting my makeup on and it takes 10 minutes from start to finish to apply it. I feel so pretty with the results. Thank you - Anonymous 
  • I found your cosmetics in an independent beauty supply store while visiting my sister in Simi Valley, CA. I wish I could express how perfectly wonderful your foundation is; it's truly the most beautiful finished effect of any product I have ever used...and I've used zillions of them. Thank you for creating this amazing make-up. I sent my sister back to buy some for herself and I have ordered more online since returning to GA. I'm not just telling all my friends about it but showing them how great it looks. Too bad I'm not a rep, I could make a fortune! Thanks again. L.I.-GA 
  • Thanks, so much for your great product! I have moderate-severe acne with a lot of discoloration and scarring. I have tried MANY different foundations! Most cannot give me the coverage I need without making a paste on my face. "Ultimate ADF" wears so well, and is not heavy. It helps absorb oil WITHOUT flaking. XTRA coverage helps with the bad parts of my face. The color is perfect for me, and feels wonderful when applied with the pad. What a great invention! Thanks to your products, most people have no idea how bad my acne is. Until I can get it under control, thanks for helping minimize the emotional pain of having cysts that stay around for months. Thanks for great products, great service - K.N. Washington, MD 
  • Unbelievable customer service and product. I have used the powder mineral make-up, the oxygen producing make-up, several high-end brands, etc. But when I received samples of this make-up, I was hooked immediately. I ordered the full size products the next day. I loved the sample pkgs. because you know what you need before you place future orders. Other places you have to try it and send it back and try another color and send it back, which is very time consuming. I am also EXTREMELY impressed with the customer service provided by this company. I have never dealt with an online company with such personal and prompt assistance. Truly outstanding. - D.M. Trussville, AL 
  • I absolutely LOVE your mineral foundation! After reading your website, I was very skeptical...I thought this had to be too good to be true. I took a chance and ordered the Ultimate All Day foundation for oily skin and I am so glad I did. I am just amazed at how well this stuff conceals imperfections, and yet you use so little! My skin can breathe, yet it still has an "airbrushed" look. I hope you NEVER discontinue this product...I have finally found what I have been looking for. My wallet and skin thank you! Sincerely, M.D. Phenix City, AL 
  • I consider myself a makeup junkie and I have been using a product BE for the last 3 years and thought that was the end all and be all of makeup, until I tried yours. I will NEVER use anything but this WONDERFUL product again. I can't say thank you enough!!!!!! - J.D. Dansville, NY 
  • I love love love your foundations! (and I've never written a letter to a cosmetics company in my life) I have tried several brands of the powder mineral foundations, and I can't believe so many people like them, because for me, they seemed to call attention to every flaw... but your products cover beautifully, smooth out pores, and most importantly----do NOT call attention to fine lines!!! To be honest, it took a couple tries to get used to how concentrated the product is---I can't believe how far out I can blend the tiniest amount! I'm also glad I ordered the sample pack, because the Florentine Fair was a bit too dark for me, but the Portofino Porcelain was just right! I just ordered one of each of all three finishes in the Portofino Porcelain, because on different days, I need different levels of coverage and work under different conditions. Plus, I find it works well for me to use either the ultimate finish or extra coverage as a concealer, and the fantastic finish or extra coverage as a foundation (all depending on whether or not I'm having a "good skin day")
    I also wanted to tell you that I'm a licensed esthetician, and I know the importance of sunscreen. However, I never wear it. Why? because no matter what the brand and what it says about being non-comedogenic/oil-free, every single one I've ever tried has caused fairly severe breakouts for me. I hate to say it, but if I have to choose between acne and sun damage, I'll take sun damage! (At age 36, I should not be dealing with acne!) I have not had even a hint of that experience (breaking out) with your product, and I am so grateful to be able to protect my skin the way I've always known I should!
    Truth be told, I normally don't pay that much for foundation, because the other more pricey brands I've bought in the past were no better than the $10 drug store brands. However, the quality of your product is more than worth the extra $17, especially when you take into account the concentration, and how a little truly does go a long way!!
    Thank you for making such an exemplary product. You've made a customer for life in me! - N.K. Bear, DE
  • I just wanted to say that I bought the trial size products and the foundation is great, no smudges, or touch-ups required during the day. The eye shadows are great, they stay on all day and do not irritate my eyes. The blush colors are nice and have staying power. Your foundation came yesterday and I am just blown away. I have been a "product junkie" all of my life (with bags of useless product to show) and this is the first foundation which made my skin flawless without looking like I was wearing a mask. BRAVA!!!!!! You have a customer for life! - J. F. San Pedro, CA 
  • I have adult acne, scarring, and large pores. I have been trying to find a good coverage makeup for years. I read about mineral makeup and tried powder mineral makeup from another company. I was very disappointed in that I looked cakey and it did not stay in place, plus was fairly expensive. I then found your product on the web. I tried the samples and was able to determine the best color and foundation type in a matter of one week and at a minimal cost. My husband insisted that I purchase the Ultimate Coverage because he was so pleased with how your make up looked on me. Thank you so much for a product that I am extremely happy to have found and will continue to use. - P.T. Ridgecrest, CA 
  • I have been trying the samples of your ultimate all day makeup and really like how it makes my skin look and feel. I do however find that I still need to blot my oiliest areas ( around nose, chin, forehead) and that when I do even this makeup does smudge off a bit in those areas. I have yet to find a foundation that really can stand up to the kind of oil my skin produces! I did work out while wearing it and did find that it stood up to perspiration very well. The main reason I am writing is because I have had problems with my skin breaking out for about the past 20 years and any foundation that I have tried in the past just seemed to aggravate my skin. Your foundation does not aggravate my skin at all, as a matter of fact it seems to be clearing my skin! In the week that I have been using it I have noticed a DRAMATIC reduction in breakouts and irritation and any breakouts that I had are healing really quickly and in such a short time of use! I have tried other powdered mineral makeups in the past and didn't have that type of result. Your makeup is the only change that I have made to my skin care routine. I have very sensitive , oily, acne prone skin and it is very hard to live with that type of skin. Your makeup has made it easier. Thank you! K.D. in CT 
  • I have tried EVERY mineral make-up out there and have never been satisfied until now! Illuminaré is the BEST!!!! All the other foundations were powder form and just didn't look right on me, for one I could never find the right shade and I looked "powdery". Illuminaré does everything it says and more! I am so glad I found your product!  - M.E. Sidney, OH 
  • Your company never ceases to amaze and dazzle me. I placed an order last Friday and received it 4 days later in the UK! Fantastic service, it's always a joy dealing with you and as ever, your foundation is the bees knees. - C.T. in United Kingdom 
  • About a year or so ago I was looking for a mineral makeup that wasn't dry or masky. I found you on a search for mineral makeups. I sent for some samples and it was LOVE! After some easy trial and error to find my perfect colors and formula, I couldn't stop RAVING about this WONDERFUL product. NEVER have I found anything so PERFECT! I just use it in spots on my skin that aren't so "pretty" and it LASTS AND LASTS!!! Both on your skin and as a product in general. I belong to a few makeup boards and I tell EVERYONE it is THE HOLY GRAIL! Sample and fall in love! I use the blush as lip color too and it looks so natural and stays on nicely! THANK YOU for giving us something so beautiful and NOT MESSY! It makes me feel pretty and looks so natural!  - C.M.S. El Cajon, CA 
  • I've been using this product -- eye color and foundation -- for over a year. It's amazing that it actually lasts all day! I thrown away all my other brands.  - D.W. Nanuet, NY 
  • I am 43 years old and have dry skin, this make-up does not settle into my fine lines at all. It is easy to apply and is so soft and silky and natural looking. I get compliments all the time it truly makes me look younger. Other powder mineral make-up I use to use does not even compare, Thank-You so much for your line. - S.B. Rocklin, CA 
  • I love this stuff!! I've faithfully worn Merle Norman for the past 25 years. The past 2 years my skin began to change, you know...the dreaded hormonal thing. As my skin changed, I could no longer wear the makeup that I had been wearing forever. Over the past 1 yr. I have tried many "major brands", and all I did was waste my money. Either my face looked "made up", or I looked like a lizard. Well, I saw an advertisement in Allure magazine, and I thought well I should give this company a try. I did, and I love it, makeup stays put, and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. My daughter tried it too, and she loves here in Cullman Alabama, we're lovin Illuminaré Cosmetics.....P.C. Cullman, Alabama 
  • I am a new customer, and I just started wearing my foundation today. I have very oily skin, and the oil usually shows up primarily on my nose and chin within a couple of hours of my makeup application, with your product I have no oil accumulation. I love your product. I am definitely going to recommend this to all of my friends and family. Keep up the fantastic work. You have a wonderful product. Thanks so much, - E.K. West Brownsville, PA 
  • I love the fantastic finish liquid foundation and it feels like I have no makeup on at all. Can't wait to try the trial sizes of different colors and different coverages. Thanks for such a wonderful product. I order from you guys as I am not aware of the product in my area. If there is, please let me know. Thanks again for your expertise and promptness with my order. - C.R. Jonesboro, TN 
  • As someone with a love/hate relationship with makeup, especially foundation, I have to say I have found THE makeup for me. Your products truly do what they say they do -- no more "too good to be true" cosmetics for me. I tried other mineral makeups in the past (powders) and they left my skin dry, cakey and shiny -- yuck! I love the fact that your makeup has such a high SPF -- as that is truly the best anti-aging factor out there -- and leaves your skin natural looking but polished. Keep up the great work! I am a devoted fan and I'm spreading the word. Thank you! - P.S. Hampshire, IL 
  • I just want to say THIS makeup is OUTSTANDING!!!!... I am currently in Afghanistan and I tried this makeup because I saw it in a magazine and was hoping that I could find some makeup that would stay where I put it all day. This makeup is the only makeup that I have found that stays on all day until you wash it off with SOAP. the eye makeup is outstanding it does exactly what it says it doesn't crease and it stays on all day... I LOVE THIS STUFF... I have used mineral powder makeup for a few years now and I get so tired of the mess it makes and it doesn't really cover any of my imperfections without caking my face. This make up is just awesome. it covers everything. I have acne scars and you cant even see them i have really bad dark circles too and they have disappeared. I know it sounds too good to be true but it really is.. its expensive yes but try the samples first you will love it. I did. make sure to get the brushes too because you wont find anything like them anywhere else and they are of good quality. HEY IF IT STAYS ON IN THE WEATHER OF AFGHANISTAN IN JULY IT WILL STAY ON ANYWHERE... I just cant say enough.. TRY IT you have NOTHING TO LOSE....  - Tracey 
  • I absolutely love Illuminaré cosmetics.. i will not wear anything else! I live a very active lifestyle and through all my workouts/hikes and even swimming, Illuminaré not only stays put but it does not cause my skin to breakout... in fact my skin looks so smooth. For my wedding, I used Illuminaré! Two days before hand, I had my makeup airbrushed for pictures, I wished I had just stuck to my own makeup, Illuminaré. Illuminaré makes my skin look so smooth Thank you Illuminaré, you have changed my life. I do not have to worry about my makeup all day and I have gained so much confidence from looking fantastic all day long!  - R.S. Grand Prairie, TX 
  • Hello! I love how your products include effective sunscreen ingredients. My suggestion is for you to make lip colors with sunscreen in it because there are hardly any lipsticks out there with effective sunscreen ingredients. Thanks and keep up the good work! - L.M. 
  • Illuminaré makeup is absolutely awesome! I use the full coverage/concealer and it covers completely and never runs, streaks, creases, changes color, or clogs pores. Well worth the money it costs!  - L.S. Boston, MA 
  • I have tried for so many years to find a foundation that will control oil but not go on like paint! Your Ultimate All Day formula is truly amazing!!! 20 minutes after putting on most foundations my face is already an oil slick. Ultimate All Day went on smoothly and the coverage is fabulous. I work in the music industry and I'm at concerts and remotes where there is hot lights etc and my makeup never budges nor am I an oil slick even after seven hours! I'm hooked and in love with this product! Thank you so much!!  - D.F. Jackson, MS 
  • Perfect! I don't believe it. I have searched for these products my entire life. I'm in my late 40's with rosacea, adult acne, sensitive combination skin and some new wrinkles. Believe me when I say that's I've tried everything. Your products cover my skin problems perfectly, give me the sun protection I need, never irritate or cause me to break out and, best of all, they stay on all day. I'm a martial artist and a karate instructor. I work out hard everyday and I sweat a lot. Nothing ever stayed on. Even allegedly waterproof products would rub off, smudge or run. Illuminaré stays on through it all and my skin looks better than it ever has. I cannot count the number of positive comments I've received on how wonderful my skin looks. I'll never use anything else. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sincerely, K. H. Marietta, Georgia 
  • I just got the sample foundations and love it. I have been using powder mineral make up for over a year and recently noticed that it is causing my skin to dry out. It can also be a little messy at times. I went in search of a liquid mineral foundation and found Illuminaré. I am glad I did. I love it and have already told one of my friends about it who has been using powder mineral foundation. I just know she will be as happy with it as I am. Thanks  - L.E. Vancouver, WA 
  • I ordered the samples and loved them SO MUCH I ordered in QUANTITY in different colors and got the brushes and application pad. I have good skin so I just use it for concealing small spots. So, it has lasted me INCREDIBLY LONG! I just dust over it with a natural finishing powder to give it a finished look when I am done and it lasts and lasts! I couldn't believe how long these products have lasted me. I mix them for cheeks and lips to get yet ANOTHER color! You ONLY need a small dab! GOOD FOR ME but Not so good for YOU! I don't wear makeup daily but when I do, I get SO many compliments (MORE than one person even asked if I was a MODEL!). I have to thank you for it all. But the thing I LOVE are the instructions for the different "looks". They are beautiful and REALLY show how gorgeous you can look, so easily! Thank you for the wonderful helps on your site. I am FINALLY getting ready to order again, now that CHRISTMAS is over! (TIME FOR ME!) I love the getting the emails and updates.
    Thank you for being such a quality company. I remember when you were first getting noticed (before the press and beautiful ads and I was spreading the word about your terrific products. You just keep getting better and people are noticing your wonderful products. I couldn't be happier, I know you've all worked hard . VERY well done! AND thank you again for the models and instructions to get their look. Great products, service and company. Your hard work is very much appreciated! Thank you, C.S. El Cajon, CA

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