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Product Color Selection
Illuminare Liquid Mineral Makeup Offers Protection, Beauty, and No Mess

Foundation Color Selection
Amalfi Alabaster

Amalfi Alabaster: Very pale, milky-white (Nicole Kidman).

Portofino Porcelain

Portofino Porcelain: Ivory/Beige with a neutral undertone. (Generally the lightest shade in most makeup lines.)

Florentine Fair

Florentine Fair: Medium. Yellow/beige undertone. 40% of our customers wear this color.

Sienna Sun

Sienna Sun: Light tan-olive complexion; Italian or Hispanic (Jennifer Lopez).

Tuscan Toast

Tuscan Toast: Dark olive; very tan.


Blush Color Selection

Amalfi Alabaster: Very light baby pink
Portofino Porcelain: Light natural pink
Florentine Fair: Medium peachy-pink
Sienna Sun: Tan rust-pink
Tuscan Toast: Deep brick-red
All Day Mineral LipColors

Faith-200: Nude, pinky-beige

Hope-225: Neutral plumy-mauve

UltraShine Mineral LipGloss

Tease-11: Sheer nude, peachy-beige

Sultry-12: Sheer playful pink

Flirty-13: Sheer baby pink

Foxy-14: Sheer violet

Vixen-15: Sheer plum raisin

All Day Eye Colors
Latte Latte: Very light, shell highlighter for underneath brow bone (may be used as base color for Amalfi Alabaster skin tones).
Cafe Latte Cafe Latte: Color of cream. Used as an eyeshadow base for most skin tones. Can also be used as a highlighter. - Out-of-Stock
Cappuccino Cappuccino: Light neutral brown-taupe. Nice for blonde brows. - Out-of-Stock
Mocha Cinnamon Mocha Cinnamon: Slightly darker than Cappuccino with slight plum undertones.
Cafe Mocha Cafe Mocha: Medium neutral brown; not too ashy or warm.
Cafe Americano Cafe Americano: Dark neutral brown. Nice as an eyeliner, brow filler or to touchup gray hairs (based on hair color).
Espresso Espresso: Dark brownish black. Nice for an evening smoky effect eyeliner. Also a nice touchup for gray hairs. - Out-of-Stock